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Pastor Paul Morgan welcomes you to Chosen Generation Ministries, a dynamic new church located in Richmond, Va. Our motto is "Edifying, Enriching and Transforming Lives Through the Grace of God." Chosen Generation empowers individuals with practical, biblical based teachings on the renewal of the mind via the Light of God's Word.

Chosen Generation is not church as usual. Pastor Paul's approach is very interactive and hands on; under his guidance, the congregation is encouraged to participate in a 2-way open dialogue. They are free to laugh, cry, ask questions, give testimonies, make mistakes, and be open and transparent about their Christian walk. Pastor Paul fosters a safe and nonjudgmental atmosphere of mutual ministry and exhortation.
Chosen Generation Ministries gives you the tools needed to be accountable and responsible for your own spiritual, emotional, social, and health. "The Lord shared with me this scripture as to the people who I have been called to minister to....'And every one that was in distress, and every one that was in debt, and every one that was discontented...' " (1 Samuel, 22:2)

Sunday Service

Join us for service every Sunday morning at 11:00 a.m. if you want your life to be Edified, Enriched and Transformed! Pastor Paul always deliver God-inspired teachings and life-affirming lessons that minister to the heart, soul and spirit of each individual. He always listens to the Holy Spirit; giving the congregation just what they need from God at that particular moment in time. Don't miss out!
Pastor Paul & Curley Morgan

Contact Us

Chosen Generation Ministries

5511 West Marshall Street
Richmond, Virginia   23230
t. 866-333-9505

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Click Map for Directions
Hey, let's get drunk in the Spirit! We're taking back the meaning of "Happy Hour" and putting a spiritual "bent" to it. We meet every Thursday at 7:00 pm, rain or shine! It's a fun time to just be yourself, to air out issues and to move on to total victory in life! We guarantee you'll leave Happy!